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Jul 17


The Metagame is a card game that facilitates arguing about videogames, as if we needed an excuse. Above this post are some pictures of the cards, and you can probably infer the gameplay from there.

This week’s Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show is me vs. Adam Conover vs. Jared Logan in The Metagame. This was probably as much fun as I’ve ever had recording an episode, with Jared’s impassioned argument that Diner Dash is more demanding than Guitar Hero standing out as a particular highlight. Give it a listen!

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    wowowow I rarely listen to podcasts but this sounded interesting enough to give it a try and surprise it was really neat...
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    I love Jeff’s podcast, and Jared Logan is one of my favorite comics alive, so debating video game design the two of them...
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    This looks like a badass game.
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